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NerveSalad -  "Funk alt-metal extravaganza. Catchy tunes, heavy riffs, sweet leads, nice vox. A band that could go places with the right audience. Some little bump in the right direction would turn these guys into stoner rock heroes. A little Faith No More mixed with your Hendrixian panache. Truly something to be experienced rather than described. A real freakout, evoking memories of '90s grunge, and '70s hard rock. Turn this one up"

Rock The Pigeon - "These guys have a strong groove that serves as the perfect base for their riffage. The sultry, bruising guitar tone meshes exceptionally well with the ballsy, pocketed rhythm section. And of course, over everything, the smooth-yet-gruff vocals bring the listener back to a long-gone era of rock history"

Anchor 5

For Fans Of - Soundgarden, Faith No More, Primus, RATM, Sublime, Pantera, Body Count & Zappa

Origin: Cheltenham, UK


Genres:  Rock, Metal, Punk


Years Active: established 2004 - present

Label:  Tom Servo Records


Contact: Rich -

Tel: 07835434801

Smashed into Existence, ripped apart and glued back together with booze and a voracious appetite to bleed your ear holes.
The Alpha model of S.T.D comprises of Rich on Vox/Axe, Andee on bass frequencies & Nick on Pots n Pans.
So reckless are this Cotswold band hailing from Cheltenham, that they even had to hire a band nurse. Every song sounding like it was forged in a distant universe, it's hard to pinpoint the exact moment the listener reaches orgasmic heights. With an insane local following and reputation to hide from, set sail on the bands thematic debauchery littered musical legacy, and return having being ripped a new one !
With a new video single and E.P to come this summer. 

Allergic Reaction - Snog The Dog


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